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Getting the original Luwak coffee

Potential kopiluwak in Indonesia spread over several areas that have a large enough coffee plantations and coffee farms are usually located on the edge of the forest is a habitat for animal mongoose. Original Kopiluwak generated to date are the result of collecting from the wild. Where to see this condition then the number of native civet coffee produced is very dependent of the coffee fruit season, a total area of ​​plantation and animal populations mongoose. In other words Luwak coffee production is very dependent with nature so it is difficult to predict jumalh production.

Native civet coffee is collected from nature, usually still in the form of animal feces and then processed with mongoose separate procedure to produce coffee beans with the taste of the original liuwak special.

Traditional & modern way with the machine

In general, coffee lovers in Indonesian society more like the type of coffee that is cooked until black. While for some Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan they like the brown-black. As for the European region is more like the color brown.

To ensure good quality of the frying pan and evenly distributed we used the Gene Cafetm roasting machine. Basically, there are approximately 8 species roasting namely:
Type of Roasting Characteristics
Roast Light yellowish brown, strong sour taste, the smell is not strong. Slight smell of raw coffee
Cinnamon Roast American Ala. Slightly acidic. Color Cinnamon (cinnamon)
Medium Roast has a characteristic aroma of sour and sweet. Color such as peanuts. American style
High Roast felt more bitter taste than sour. Suitable for ice coffee.
City Roast Standard aroma and flavor balance. New York City-style
Full City Roast bitter taste slightly more pronounced than in acid. Suitable for iced coffee
More bitter French Roast. Uniquely rich flavor. Ala Europe. Suitable for iced coffee
Italian Roast Bitter and the aroma is strong but not sour. Colors close to black. Suitable for espresso or cappuccino


The method of presentation in civet coffee is basically not much different from the presentation of coffee in general. However, we recommend based on experience can be enjoyed with Luwak coffee brew + 8 grm/150 cc hot water (95 - 98oC). Use the water after boiling so that flavors can be awake and not go along with boiling water to evaporate. Use the media are made from ceramic cups for to hold and keep the heat quickly so as not cool. Luwak coffee may be more pronounced delicious when served without sugar (black coffee)

Civet Coffee Enjoy ........

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